Alizah Greenberg


My work is organic, designed to reflect the world around us in all its imperfect beauty. In my mind, I could envision how raw gold, silver, and diamonds, could be intertwined with natural rock, crystal, semi-precious stones, leather, and polished wood to create jewelry that was both original and eminently wearable. To my wonderment, these pieces did not exist.

So at age 40 I began creating the handcrafted jewelry I wanted to wear for myself. Every piece is unique, reflecting the influences in my life…the wonderful places I’ve lived in and traveled to…the beautiful children I’ve raised…the authors, artists and musicians I love. Unknowingly, each experience—profound or otherwise—impacts the pieces I create…joy, love, heartache, beauty, laughter, contemplation…earth and soul.

Alizah Greenberg grew up in Miami and lives in Nashville with her husband, four children and dog Ozzy