Michael Robison

Michael Robison started his pottery career at ETSU back in the early ’90s. After an apprenticeship and several artist-in-residence positions, he is back at work in the studio making pots.

All my pieces are made using traditional clay bodies. I enjoy creating bodies of work that range from functional to highly artistic pieces with intricate detail. A specific technique I use is sgraffito, which is drawing through a contrasting slip to reveal the clay underneath. This technique is much like working with scratch board.

Often my work has a surface that has pattern on top of pattern. I love the interplay of positive and negative space and I try to create patterns that make the foreground and background or the positive and negative compete for attention.

I work out of my home studio and currently teach ceramic classes at Mighty Mud Clay Studios and at the Knoxville Fine Arts and Craft Center in Knoxville, Tennessee.

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