Needle Felted Animals

Mary Remiszewski

As a self-taught artist, I have used several media to express my creativity. They include jewelry making to painting in oils and many in between.
Needle felting has become my passion & the journey from bits of wool to life-like sculptures is so enjoyable.
I currently reside in Wisconsin with my husband(Kip) & two Basenjis (Jack & Button).

Mary’s process consists of needle felting, which is the use of “barbed” needles to interweave wool fibers into a condensed form-thus creating the felted animals. Felting needles are used to intertwine the fibers, by using an “up-and-down” motion. The scales of the wool fiber catch onto the needles and can be manipulated into the animal structures. Starting with an armature-wire base, Mary then goes in with adding a bulk layer of coarse wool, and then a finer, detailed layer of wool comes after. After a process of building up the wool layers, she then goes in with Super Sculpy and/or polymer clay to add other details such as the face, paws, bird legs, etc.. This is a lengthy process, as you have to build up the fibers, and use a wide variety of different sized needles to achieve the animal shape desired.

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