Mary H. Reed

Art has always been a part of Mary’s life, although serious pursuit of the art of oil painting is relatively recent.  Born and raised in the Midwest, adult life brought Mary and her family to Decatur,Alabama where she eventually found herself surrounded by the amazingly diverse local artistic community.  Nurtured by her involvement with the Carnegie Visual Arts Center, she began seriously pursuing her artistic vision and training in 2005.

Mary’s artistic vision has been inspired and supported by many people in her life.  Teachers include her father, James C. Keith of Omaha Nebraska.  Mary has most recently studied under professional artist (the late) Billy Kirk of Booneville, Mississippi, as well as Alabama A&M art instructor Robert Bean of Huntsville, Alabama, Tim Stevenson of Florence, Alabama, Jason Saunders of Nashville, Tennessee, as well as Camille Przewodek of Petaluma, California, Dawn Whitelaw of Nashville, Tennessee and David Shevlino of North Carolina.

In 2007 Mary’s focus was defined and intensified with the inception of a new group – The Tennessee River School – including artists Jerry Brown of Huntsville,Alabama, and Matt Welch of Chattanooga,Tennessee.  With various outings designed to foster support of their collective painting vision, the three visited museums, local landmarks and natural settings, then worked together to produce numerous artworks and exhibits.

Mary’s artwork is signed as MHReed.  She has received commissions from numerous collectors in the South, West and Midwest. Her work hangs in collections from coast to coast, as well as internationally, and has been included in many juried art shows and exhibits in North Alabama galleries and museums.

The Feather Series allows me to share with my collectors those beautiful little gifts of nature I’ve gathered for years.  Finding a feather on the ground brings to me a feeling of having received a lovely little surprise from above, a delicate and fragile reminder that there is life and joy soaring above us at all times.  Imagine being literally ‘above it all’, one with the wind and the clouds, the rain and the sunshine. There is so much more to our existence than the beautiful earth we tread daily.

I am living my life’s dream having been a featured artist in over 64 fine art events, including juried festivals in the Southeast, solo exhibitions and numerous group exhibitions.  I’ve been honored with many awards including First in Fine Art at the 14th annual Carrollton, Georgia Fine Arts Festival and First in Painting at Tupelo’s Gumtree Festival. I am lucky to have studied under numerous teachers during my lifetime in art including my father, James C Keith, the late Billy Kirk, Jason Saunders, Dawn Whitelaw, Camille Przewodek, David Shevlino and many others.  My works are collected coast-to-coast and internationally.

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