Fused Glass.

Mary Beth McClure

Fused Glass

Fused glass art is created by layering different colors and types of glass and firing them in a glass kiln. Her work requires repeated firings at temperatures up to 1500 degrees which produce the designs and textures for each unique piece. There can never be two identical pieces because of the unpredictable nature of the medium.

Mary Beth McClure has studied with Gil Reynolds, Avery Anderson, Brad Walker, Robin Evans, Jane Persico, Lisa Vogt, Tommy G, Philip Teefy, Patty Gray, and Richard LaLonde.

Glass has unlimited possibilities and each piece has its own unique and magical quality. It is a perfect medium for my artistic expression.

It is exciting to raise a sheet of glass to the light and see the beautiful colors. My mind races as I transform the flat sheet of glass into a finished piece of art. I am fascinated as I explore the unlimited options that present themselves.

As I design a piece, I play with the colors-adding and subtracting material and changing the texture. Then, when I open my kiln I can observe the white-hot molten glow being slowly transformed into a solid piece of art.

My fascination with glass started 25 years ago. Initially, I custom-designed work in foil-wrapped and leaded glass pieces. Then I caught the warm glass ‘bug’. Passion and an inability to stop learning has lead me to many workshops.

My art is a pursuit that leads to my ‘burning the midnight oil’. I often think I’m ready to stop, but the glass has a mind of its own. As I pull, drag, and rake colors, the glass evolves; I can’t quit. The glass, its own master, leads me to follow.

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