Walking Sticks

Malcolm Sharp

Carved Walking Sticks

Currahee Twisted Sticks was born from a love of the outdoors and a talent for drawing, carving and sculpting. One afternoon while walking through the woods, my wife and I spotted a small twisted tree standing out by itself. My wife said, “You should cut that down and make a walking stick”. So, a while later, that’s what I did. After letting it dry, I began to carve it. The twist in the wood looked a little like a snake, so that’s what it became. My friends and family who saw it all said “you should sell these! But will you make me one for free?” I did give a few to family in the beginning. Then I started selling them at art shows, arts & crafts fairs and most recently, reptile shows.

In my spare time, I hike through the woods of northeast Georgia looking for small trees that have a vine growing around them causing the tree to bulge and twist as it grows. Once they are cut down, the trees have to dry for about year before the carving begins. The carving takes anywhere from a couple of weeks to a couple of months depending on the complexity of the design. Most of the coloring is done in stains except for the brighter colors and some white which is done in paint. I use whatever it takes to get the carving done, from knives and chisels, razor blades, dremel tool, pocket knife, and lots of sanding. Many of the tools and burs/bits I use are handmade by me also. My walking sticks are all wood, one solid piece, no taxidermy or snake skin added. While most people display their sticks as art, they are functional walking sticks. Should you ever break your stick or it becomes worn out, scuffed or chipped just pay shipping and send it back and I will do my best to restore it free of charge. Sticks can be custom ordered to a particular species, or even be made to replicate your own pet snake!

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