Linda Norman

Dr. Linda Norman is a Psychiatrist practicing in Dalton, Georgia. She completed her residency at the renown Karl Menninger School of Psychiatry in Topeka, Kansas, a training program deeply committed to psycho-dynamic and psychoanalytic understanding of the individual. Dr. Norman sees psychotherapy, the careful crafting of words, as an art form, one that brings to life abstract thoughts and feelings. For her, creating visual art in whatever form is an outward manifestation of a deeply intimate self where words give way to symbolism, and the internal landscape is represented in colors, textures, and juxtapositions. Creativity is a journey into self-knowledge, a journey accessible to everyone.

Dr. Norman has enjoyed many mediums for self-expression including both acrylic and encaustic painting, silk dyeing, and painting, felting, polymer clay, photography, and paper. Currently her medium is oil paint and resin. Although the process may sound simple: apply oil paint to a substrate, let it cure, and then apply UV resin; there is a science to understanding how the paints interact with one another. Once I use this understanding in laying down the pain, I wait for the miracle of serendipity that never fails to delight. Each piece is unique much like a snowflake.


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