Jeanie Stephenson

Jeanie Stephenson took two sculpture courses at the University of the South while pursuing a degree in Biology. It was there that she learned the “lost wax” casting method. She completed the B.A. in Biology as well as an M.A. in Anthropology at UVa, drove taxi cabs in Alaska, travelled around the world (including a trip on the Siberian RR through what was then the Soviet Union) and taught high school Biology and Physics. Almost twenty years after her initial sculpture course, and after quitting teaching in order to stay home with her two children, she resumed sculpture and made use of equipment that her father built to cast her sculptures in bronze. She began selling her work at galleries and art fairs in 1995 and currently lives in the hills of Middle Tennessee with her Icelandic husband, two children, dogs, cats, horses, goats and chickens.

Ms Stephenson’s work is a reflection of the many loves of her life. Her years as a Biologist and wildlife rehabilitator have brought detail and character to some of her animal studies. Extensive travel has exposed her to many cultures, each of which has had some impact on her work. Her husband’s native country of Iceland and their many visits to his home have had their influence in many of her pieces. Love of, and respect for the earth and all its resources has a continuing impact not only on what she makes but how she makes it.

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