Wood Furniture

Jake and Luke Herring

Jake and Luke Herring started naturalDESIGN in 2006 when they learned that a historic barn near their workshop in Thompson’s Station, Tennessee would soon be wrecked and burned to make way for a subdivision. They offered to buy the barn and disassemble it with care, in order to make new use of thousands of feet of old-growth oak. Since then, they have acquired other barns, and have accumulated a healthy stock of some of the most valuable lumber available. Because this truly vintage wood was hewn from a mature old-growth tree, and left to weather for over 100 years, it has unmatched character.

Not only does the re-use of this barn wood preserve our heritage, it prevents the waste of tons of old-growth lumber. Their care and attention to detail assures that these barns’ new lives will last for many generations to come. The Herring brother’s promise that your furniture is built to last a lifetime (probably two) and that there is no other piece like it.

Jake and Luke are constantly working on unique furniture and custom home designs to carry out their mission of sustainable living and quality craftsmanship that honors their grandfather’s “hell for stout” family tradition. Jake’s got the eye for truly unique, clean, and functional design and Luke can be found behind the welding mask. Their brotherhood and attention to detail can be felt in every piece of furniture and every custom home. Jake and Luke hope you enjoy their work as much as they enjoy the process.

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