Doug Lawrence

Doug grew up in the countryside outside of the small town of Berryville, VA. After graduating from the University of Virginia in 2011, he joined the Peace Corps, serving three and a half years in Paraguay, first as an Environmental Conservation Specialist, then Regional Coordinator. It was during his time in Paraguay that Doug really found a passion for woodworking, and upon returning to the US in 2016, he moved to Nashville to pursue woodworking professionally. Focusing on artistic design and expert craftsmanship, Doug creates unique pieces of sculpturally carved fine furniture inspired by nature. Incorporating tree forms into each piece provides a thoughtful reminder of the natural source of the material with which he works, as well as captures a piece of the beauty of the outdoors to be brought and enjoyed indoors. His goal is to produce works of functional art, pieces that will be not only admired from a distance, but also up close, interacted with, touched, and used on a daily basis.

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