Curtiss Brock

If you define “craft” as dedication to a material, then Curt Brock is truly a master craftsman. Now professor of glass at Tennessee Tech Appalachian Center for Craft, Brock has spent 25 years getting to know glass.  His time is spent between teaching and creating. In the 1990’s he became interested in developing a range of limited edition hand blown vessels focusing on function, simplicity and beauty. He formed CB Glass to separate this work from his one-of-a-kind pieces. This challenged him to apply his skills as both a craftsman and a designer to produce glass vessels that are affordable while still being beautiful and unique objects.

Some of his vessels use opalescent glass, often with flakes of color like confetti falling through the air. He was fascinated by the challenge of working with opal glass and still maintaining a light and airy quality. Throughout his career, Curtiss has had many solo exhibitions and won numerous prizes. His glass pieces can be seen in over 25 fine museums across the country and abroad.

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