Designer – Goldsmith

Connie Ulrich

Designer – Goldsmith

Connie Ulrich’s jewelry expresses her deep connection with the natural beauty of her Tennessee mountain farm and her childhood playground along the shores of Lake Michigan. Her work is organic in its evolution, unpretentious, and refined. The juxtaposition of diamonds and pebbles, sticks and stones is explored to create artistic and masterful pieces of jewelry.

Each piece is hand fabricated. A variety of materials are used from platinum,18k gold, sterling silver, diamonds, to rusted steel and pebbles. The work is textured using a rolling mill or hammers, and shaped with various other hand tools. Some pieces are then oxidized, satin finished to accent texture and create depth in the surfaces. The passion and love of art metals began for Connie Ulrich in high school and has continued through her 35 year career. Ulrich completed a BFA degree and graduated with honors. She continues to seek inspiration and innovation through the attendance of master workshops throughout the country. Ulrich has been an instructor at notable workshops throughout the Southeast since 2000.

When I am out riding my bicycle, I find flattened things on the road…some of it I ignore! But I do pick up squashed metal pieces and incorporate the found materials into wearable pieces. I combine the repurposed materials with…gold, silver, anodized aluminum, precious stones, and pebbles. Each piece is one of a kind. I mostly use cold connections, but sometimes I use a torch and solder to create the frame work to finish the piece.

I continually seek inspiration, as I move through life, observing the beauty within natural surroundings, architectural forms and found objects.

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