Painting & Illustration

Bethanne Hill

Painting & Illustration // Memories of rural landscapes.

Visual narratives of vintage Southern landscapes describe the paintings of Bethanne Hill. Her compositions are greatly influenced by her love of primitive art, specifically Australian Aborigines and their way of mark making. Her paintings have bold outlines and patterns and simplified shapes with much of the underlying drawing visible.

Hill received a BFA degree from Birmingham-Southern College (AL). She has exhibited extensively throughout the Southeastern United States.

Bethanne currently works from her studio in Alabama.

I have always been drawn to rural landscapes. Growing up in Alabama with my family meant long, hot car trips, spent looking out the window as my parents pointed at the scenes which reminded them of their childhood homes in the farmland of southern Ohio. As an adult these memories hold strong emotion for me, they represent a time that is lost. I believe my fondness for these landscapes springs from these memories. When you drive the back roads you see many strange and beautiful things, these are my starting points as I work.

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