Leather Pocketbooks

Annie Williams

Leather Pocketbooks.
About the Artist

Annie Williams is a leather bag company based out of Buena Vista, Nashville, TN. We embrace a minimal design approach in order to showcase the natural beauty of the hide. To have a durable and timeless pocketbook that can streamline from the am to pm is our passion. All bags are made in Nashville, TN. Hides are sourced from vintage sources and Horween Tannery in small batches, so each collection is limited.

Artist Statement

To make an honest living from an art form has always seemed, to me, to be the pinnacle of success. I just never thought mine would be from leather work. I started out as a songwriter. While attending college in Wyoming, a small record label found and brought me to Nashville, TN to make records. In college I sewed for a living, so in Nashville I did the same.

I bought an industrial machine and took contract work to supplement music. During this time, I experimented with scraps of leather in my spare time. While making a delivery of aprons to a coffee shop, the owners spotted my clutch. They asked to order a few, so I bought a hide and made my first three sales.

After a year, the demand for the leather pocketbooks rose so much, my form of flexible self-employment was trumping its original intent. Music was falling back into purely a cathartic release category, and leather was buying my bread and butter. So, in January 2012, I found a studio space and made my business official.

I love working with my hands and leather. I embrace a minimal design approach in order to showcase the natural beauty of the hide. My dear friend and professional cellist, Claire Indie, has fulfilled my main design purpose by carrying her clutch everyday as well as multiple times on the red carpet. To have a durable pocketbook that can streamline from the AM to PM is a dream to me. I am most contented when living honest and simple, so I aim to create a product that is the same.