Wood Worker

Allan Williams

A Traditional Craftsman of Chairs and Stools

My work is heavilyinfluenced by the shapes and forms in nature, and by the sculptural elements in traditional Windsor chairs. Each live edge piece is unique, and they push me to build  something that brings harmony to the materials and honors the life of the tree. Work starts directly from the log in what could be described as a partnership between the craftsman and nature. My techniques are almost identical to those of the original Windsor craftsmen, and my tools are primarily hand tools. I use these tools because they are simply the best tools for creating pieces that  will last for generations and become family heirlooms. Some of these are over 150 years old and bare the carved initials of the craftsman whose hands first put them to wood in the 1800s. I also make a few of these tools myself, with blades I’ve forged, and bodies I’ve shaped specifically for Windsor chairs. I source my materials from local small saw mills and log yards, and I select them for their beauty and specific attributes in the final piece. My furniture is created from several different woods with walnut, maple, oak, pine, poplar, and cherry all being prominently used. Milk paint has been the traditional finish for Windsors for many generations. It unifies the elegant Windsor form and has a beauty and durability that withstands the test of time. I also have work that comes alive when treated with the simplicity of a clear finish. Clear finishes tend to convey a modern elegance where the contrast of colors and grains become more prominent design elements. 

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