Trey Geary

Knives and Jewelry

trey geary bw

I was lucky enough to be raised in an adventurous family who loved to hike, camp, and explore. Collecting pocketfuls of hickory nuts, rocks, acorns, fossils, or any odd nuggets of wooden wonder, I have always been spellbound by the intrinsic beauty found within the minutiae of nature. Wood grains that show struggle and healing. Stones with colors and patterns formed by heat, compression and time. The magical energy and glinting spirit of conductive metals. Beginning as a sculptor, and now as a jewelry artist, I have created ways to use all of these elements in together in my own organic palette that resonates from a distance and becomes even more magical on closer inspection. I am a Williamson County native and current resident, though most of my favorite wood comes from expeditions in Monteagle, Tennessee. I  meld the wood with intricate and colorful stones from around the world and with metals that my grandfather collected years ago.   My zen is creating beautiful & meaningful pieces of art  jewelry that make people happy and connect us all.