Robert Taylor

Master Roycroft Artisan in Metal.


Coppersmith Robert Taylor is a Roycroft Master Artisan. He is one of only five Roycroft Master Coppersmith in the country to hold that title. On the bottom of each piece you will find two special marks,or stamps; one with his initials and one that denotes his work is made in the Roycroft style. The Roycroft tradition started in 1890. The first crafters were printers and bookbinders. In 1905 they added a copper shop and ran the shop until 1938 when the depression forced them to close. In 1976 some of the descendents of the orginal crafters came togather and reformed the organization as the Renaissance Roycrofters. Their mission was to continue to produce the finest quality craft that could be produced by hand. One must pass a stringent jury process to become a Roycroft Artisan. After five years of growth, an Artisan is eligible to apply for Master status by submitting five flawless master level pieces to a Master jury. Roycrofters believed that every surface should be touched by the craftsman.