George Peterson

Producing fine wooden products and original art since ’92.


For me, the adventure and challenge of sculpting lies in focusing on the natural tension and drama I find in the wood, and in contrasting and complimenting that drama with my expressive mark as an artist. I channel a lot of destructive energy into my art. The pieces are formed from whole logs using chainsaws, hammers, chisels, fire axes,…anything. I aim to create layers of machined and natural surfaces. The raw sculptures are then placed in a kiln so the wood can stabilize. Often, during the drying process, the tension in the wood will cause a piece to warp and crack giving the forms an element of spontaneity that I could never contrive. After the wood is dry, I then refine each piece through careful and deliberate study. I paint, polish, trim, sew, join and repeat if necessary, until the work is resolved.

George grew up in Bishop, CA in the early 80’s. He currently lives and works in the mountains of western NC. He’s a self-taught, working class artist and family man.

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