Eric Eugene Smith


EE Ironworks is an artisan blacksmithing studio that provides handcrafted custom ironwork.  Dedicated to designing, building and restoring fine metalwork EE Ironworks emphasis is on quality workmanship.  To achieve a high quality product EE Ironworks prefers to highlight traditional joinery techniques and forged elements to enhance the aesthetic appeal of the work.  Designs for commissions evolve through communications between the customer and the artist and are seen as collaboration.  The ultimate goal at EE Ironworks is to create a beautiful product for the customer that will stand the test of time for generations to enjoy.
Eric Eugene Smith is the owner and operator of EE Ironworks.  Eric’s first taste of blacksmithing came while he was working at a Boy Scout ranch in New Mexico. It was then Eric decided he needed to pursue blacksmithing as a profession.  Eric attended the Appalachian Center for Craft and received a BFA in metals.  He has assisted many workshops and worked at several high-end custom blacksmith shops across the United States.  Eric is currently living in Chattanooga, Tennessee.