Brian Hibbard

Mixed Media Art

Having a Ball 27

Each of Brian’s pieces are unique.  He experiments with nontraditional media and abstraction. Birds, Horses and organic figurative works make up his oeuvre of classical, yet modern pieces as well as ethereal tributes to the great outdoors.  Hibbard works on panel, not canvas, for most of his paintings. For some of the figurative pieces, Hibbard employs  experimental media like tar, mineral spirits and resin. He  emphasizes the sculptural element even more in some of his abstract work, like one painting caked with broken bottles and resin. Writer Orson Scott Card said it best when describing Brian’s work as  having “ an interesting palette of muted colors that include a strange, metallic brown that suggest copper. His trees and clouds are rimmed with slight shadowing that is… at once representational and yet theatrical. I fell in love with all of his work.”  We believe you will too.