Bob Ichter

Acrylic Resin Paintings and Sculpture


Bob’s pieces are actually multiple layers of paint and resin stacked on top of each other in a glass, box, or bowl. The piece starts out with a layer of resin in the bottom of the vessel, then must cure a minimum of 12 hours depending on temperature and humidity. The resin is a 2 part mixture that must be precisely measured and mixed, otherwise the resin will never cure.  Once the first layer is fully hardened, the initial layer of acrylic paint is applied, in the case of my fish paintings, that is usually the bottom fins.  Once the paint has dried, I mix another batch of resin and apply it, then wait another 12 hours. Each discrete layer of acrylic has between 2 and 8 separate coats of paint.  This is repeated over and over, often twice a day until I’ve built up enough layers to give the illusion of a 3 dimensional fish in the bowl or glass. See the martini glass a few images down for a top and side view to really understand the process….then when you see all the layers it takes to make one fish, imagine how many layers and how much time it takes to do a piece that has fifty or a hundred fish in it.  I was first inspired by the Master of this technique Riusuke Fukahori when I saw his work a couple years ago and it took me a year to master the process.