Alexis Colbert

Mixed Media



Vintage toys with moving parts, the influence of theology on the art of my Jewish culture, Dia de los Muertos, Tim Burton, traditional tattoos, the craft projects of children, vaudeville ….. The art I create is inspired by a strange list of disparate images. I think of myself as creating characters shaped by all these influences, bringing them to life either in 3-D form as figures or in watercolor paintings on wood.  I use clay or paper mache in making my sculptures, usually dressing them in hand sewn costumes and suspending them in shadowbox dioramas or on wood plaques.

Drawing and story telling were a part of my life for as long as I can remember. I grew up in a home that valued creativity and learning. However, as an artist I am mostly self taught.  My schooling reflected my other interests, with a BA degree in Communication from Barry University and a Master’s Degree in Biblical Studies and Theology from John Knox Seminary. As a more mature adult I returned to my first love, story telling through images and began to create and sell my work professionally about 7 years ago. I love the people, history and scenery of Tennessee and have made it my new home for the past two years. I live with my musician Husband and my artistic Son in Franklin.