Rick Williamson

About the Artist
Artist Statement

We believe that wooden furniture should last at least as long the tree took to grow from which the furniture is made.  Just about every family has furniture that has been passed down from previous generations.  People often want to show us some piece of furniture that once belonged to their grandparents.   Often times it’s just a simple table, desk, or dresser that is over 100 years old.  Pieces that have been lifted and moved around rooms, into new houses, and even across country hundreds, if not thousands of times.  And, yet so much furniture bought today is on the curb with the other garbage in just a few years.  It comes apart after just being moved across a room.  The doors or drawers fall apart simply because they were used like, well, doors and drawers.  They were opened and closed daily.

Heirloom furniture that is built by artisans who use REAL wood, using proper furniture construction techniques, and finished with stains, lacquers, and waxes that are meant to hold up to daily use will, in most cases, out last your lifetime. This was true hundreds if not thousands of years ago and it is true today. There really are some things that do not change.

I was born and raised in a small mountain town in California called Running Springs. Working for my dad who ran a small plumbing company in the mountains, I learned how to use tools. I went off to college, got married worked in various corporate jobs which lead me to move to TN in 2004. I continued working with tools and my love and stills in fine woodworking grew. After a few layoffs and earning my MBA I decided that I should run my own wood working company in Nolensville TN where I make custom furniture, cabinets and fine wood products for my clients. I’m inspired by many great woodworkers including Sam Maloof, George Nakashima, Gustav Stickley, Marc Spagnollo and many others.